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Léa from France who volonteered  in RTOC for almost 3 weeks.

It was a challenge but i learned a lot!

During my time in Pouey’s school, i teached for différents levels: the let’s go 3, let’s go 4, the teenagers and the older one in the evening.

It was interesting to work with this children, they are very motivated. This children are amazing, they go to the cambodia school, they come in the english/chinese school and they help their parents in the farm, at home or to sell at the temple, and they always keep smiling…. They are hard workers and they deserve help.

I’m a teacher in France, so it was even more interesting to teach in this school. It was a challenge to teach for children who don’t speack my language, to teach without a lot of books, pens, ….
The team’s work with the other helpers is also interesting.

Volunteer from France



Hello, I am Penny from Malaysia who been volunteered for 2 weeks at RTOC as a Chinese Teacher.

Never worked as a teacher before, it was an awesome experience for me.

The local people were so nice and frienly as well as kids, always welcome us with a big warm heart.

Teaming with other teachers also is a good things as we could share our culture and also learn from each other.

In conclusion, i enjoyed and had an amazing time during teaching at RTOC,  hope you can enjoy it as well.

Volunteer from Malaysia





在RTOC教学是非常快乐自在的。学校没有所谓的“教育系统”,没有完善的设备,更没有特定的教材及考试制度,却充满了爱与欢乐。志工教师有人来有人走,学生们没有因为这样而无法好好学习。本着一颗对学习的热忱,他们操得一口流利的基本英语,有的也能以简单的中文来沟通。与其说孩子们向我学习中文,不如说他们教会了我何谓活在当下,何谓知足常乐。这个简单淳朴的小乡村,充满了爱。感恩遇到的每一位志工及学生们还有Mr Poeuy一家人,在我的人生旅途画上了精彩的一页。


Volunteer from Malaysia


RTOC 2017 Video shot by Volunteer