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Volunteers are involved in all aspects of the lessons however they are needed particularly to help teach pronunciation.Classes are graded with pupils at the school ranging in age from 4 to 22. The hours are flexible.

Volunteers can choose to work during morning classes, afternoon classes or both. There is plenty of time for down time to see the village, spend time with the locals or make the short trip to Siem Reap if you wish. We are flexible here to discuss and arrange the volunteers’ job and respect the needs and desires of the volunteers.

If teaching isn’t your thing but you’d still like to help then it is possible to come to the school to run some games and songs with the students in English during their breaks.
When we have volunteers they work in the classroom alone, or in pairs depending on numbers with support from Mr Pouey, as the school director. When the availability of volunteers is low, we hire Khmer teachers if money allows.


The accommodation is simple. You will live in the volunteer shared house behind the school.   You will be provided with a mosquito net, bed, fan and electricity for any devices you may have. Wi-Fi is also available. The Khmer style bathroom is communal with other volunteers – a typical squat toilet and bucket shower. Three traditional Khmer meals are provided per day, and unlimited drinking water.

We have no income to support your stay; therefore we ask that you contribute towards your accommodation costs.We do ask $50 per week donation from each volunteer. The money will go toward meals, accommodation and a small amount for school supplies. $30 goes toward your food and accommodation. $20 goes toward supplies and building the school. Volunteers can expect to have the weekend off to explore Siem Reap. Transport can be easily arranged. How to become a volunteer? Easy just fill up the form then we will reply to you.

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    We need volunteers to assist our teachers with their English Language lessons. No previous experience is required. Volunteering is an extremely rewarding element to any trip, whether you’re on holiday for a couple of weeks or globetrotting. If anyone want to stay a bit longer that will be great, one or two weeks or longer than that.  Basically, we don’t really have a strict curriculum to follow; you are welcome to bring your own materials. We are looking forward to seeing some new teaching methods from different countries!


    Long term English teachers can provide and plan a better curriculum for kids. Teaching is often a challenging as there are no permanent teachers in the school. What we do right now is, each volunteer has to take a note and to make sure what has been taught in the last few weeks, so the new coming volunteers won’t keep repeating the same things. However, what we really need are long-term English teachers. No matter 3 months, 6 month, even a year, would be really great and you will be a really positive impact for kids.


    Chinese courses just started few months ago.No previous experience is required. We need teachers can teach basic Chinese character, pronunciation, and daily life conversation. 


    Currently, school is still lack of facilities. We are planning on building new facilities such as computer room, classroom etc. We need volunteers who are willing to help out with building.


    The village is also lack of computer and internet knowledge, so we hope to find someone can help with our Internet to make it connects better, also someone who is willing to help with updating our website. A computer skill is essential for these children if they want to have job opportunities in their country today. Having a computer course is the next plan for the school, as once these children can speak English and use a computer, they will have many more opportunities and they will be able to take charge of their own future.

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