Welcome To Rural Teaching Organisation Cambodia (RTOC)





Rural Teaching Organisation Cambodia (RTOC) is a registered non profit organization where is located in Thnol Trong Village, Bakong Commune, Bakong District, Siem Reap Province, just outside of Siem Reap town.

The school offers free education to more than one hundred impoverished children and young adults of the Bakong community, many of whom are not able to attend school otherwise because their families cannot afford the related costs.



RTOC believes that every child has the right to free, high-quality education.A good education enables children and young adults to develop the essential skills they need to make positive changes in their lives and to break free from poverty.


Despite these challenges the children are eager and willing to learn. It is our goal to provide them with a good education to help them overcome these challenges and help lead them to a bright future.


Many of the village’s children have lost one or both of their parents.A large number of them lost their fathers while they served in the army.The most prevalent illnesses in the community are malnutrition,HIV,hepatitis,typhoid,tuberculosis and dengue fever.

Tith Poeuy


Mr. Tith Poeuy is the founder and director of the school. Prior to founding the school he was an English teacher and before that a tuk-tuk driver. Poeuy was born in 1981, one of five children and the son of farmer. When he was 14 years old he started government school. He completed High school in 2007. Later he attended university for a year and learned English at High Q Centre in Siem Reap.

Pouey’s ambition has always been to help those less fortunate, especially people in Veal village where he used to live.Pouey believes that education is the key to helping the next generation to break free from poverty and remains passionate about improving the lives of the families of Veal village.

School used to have local long term English teachers. Due to many personal reasons, they left for a better job (which is understandable). Mr. Poeuy, the founder of RTOC, is the only one who stays and insists on providing free education for kids. He believes that every child has the right for free, high-quality education.

It can be a challenging job, especially with a constantly changing team. Basically Poeuy, the director and founder of the school, and his wife are running this whole project by themselves, at times supported by volunteers, at times not. And this is a heavy job. This is the reason why he needs the support of volunteers and, even better, of a local teacher who could teach daily at the school and be the link between the volunteers.